How Did We Do?

We value you as a patient and as a member of the Fort Benning Martin Army Community Hospital team. We are driven to create the best health care experience possible, but we can’t do it alone. Your ideas are valuable. Tell us what we’re doing right and what we can do to improve. Better yet, share your health care experiences here and give us tips on how we can better serve you. 


We care what you think.

We are honored that you entrust us with your health. That’s why we are driven to bring the best health care experience possible. In just a few minutes, you can provide information that helps us to better understand your needs.

The Joint Outpatient Experience Survey (JOES) asks beneficiaries across military medicine about the care they receive. From provider knowledgeability and communication, to services received at the pharmacy, radiology or lab, to the courtesy you receive here at Martin Army Community Hospital.

So, tell us how we did. You’ll get a JOES survey by mail or email. It’s completely confidential, and when you fill it out you’re helping us serve you better. We’re monitoring the outpatient experience of beneficiaries because we believe there is no higher calling than serving those who serve.

Your opinion matters to us!

ICE Customer Evaluation (ICE) System

The Interactive Customer Evaluation (ICE) system is a web-based tool that collects feedback on services provided by an organization. The ICE system allows customers to submit online comment cards to provide feedback to the service providers they have encountered. ICE allows DoD customers to rate products and services provided by DoD offices and facilities worldwide. Your comment card ratings are used to improve the products and services available to you.

If you would like to provide us feedback, please use this link to access the Martin Army Community Hospital ICE Site

Scan and submit your ICE comment with your phone! 
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