Patient Administration

The Patient Administration Division has a dedicated staff that can assist you in many areas. This includes our Release of Information (ROI), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), Admissions and Dispositions, Coding and Outpatient Records.

Admissions & Dispositions

Every patient that is admitted or discharged from Martin Army Community Hospital must go through the Admissions & Dispositions Office. Upon admission the patient must present a valid Military Identification Card to verify eligibility for Military Healthcare. If the patient has Other Health Insurance (OHI), please provide this information to the Admission Clerk and complete a Third Party Collection Program Record of Other Health Insurance, DD Form 2569.

In addition to patient admissions, the Admissions & Dispositions office performs inpatient tracking and accountability, constructs Line of Duty's (LOD), coordinates AIREVACs, and initiates Secretary of the Army Designee (SAD) program requests.

Medical Records

The Medical Records office is responsible for the patient registration, maintaining the outpatient medical records for all beneficiaries that receive care at Martin ACH, verifying patient eligibility in DEERS, and processing all requests for Release of Protected Health Information. To request medical records, you must produce the following:

  • ID Card
  • Social Security Number
  • DD Form 2870
  • Medical Power of Attorney and a written statement authorizing pick up privileges (if requesting records for family members over the age of 18)

Please allow 60 days from the requested date to process copies of medical records.

Uniform Business Office (UBO)

The Uniform Business Office is the billing and collection agency for Martin ACH. The UBO processes all claims and collection of payments for patients who have third party insurance for services rendered at Martin ACH. Once a patient receives a bill for service, they may visit the Treasury Office to make settlement via cash, check, or money order.


Patient Administration Contact Representative

The Patient Administration Contact Representative provides a number of services, to include:

  • Birth verification and certificates
  • Death certificates
  • Medical Statements
  • Notary Services

Patients must possess a valid military ID for services performed by the contact representative.

Contact Information 
Admissions and Disposition: Phone:

24 hours, 7 days a week

Bldg. 9250, 1st Floor, Upatoi Wing, Rm 1B-130
Medical Records:

Customer Service

Release of Medical Information

M-F, 0800-1600

Bldg. 9250, Basement, Rm BC-150

Treasury Office: Phone:

M-F, 0730-1600

Bldg 9250, 1st Floor, Upatoi Wing, Rm 1D46
Third Party Collections:


M-F, 0730-1530

Bldg 9250, 1st Floor, Upatoi Wing, Rm 1D47

Contact Representative: Phone:


M-F, 0800-1530

Bldg 9250, Basement, Rm BC-150