Welcome to the Hospital Education Division (HED)

We are here to attend to your curious and inquiring minds, and assist in the pursuit of a professional medical career. Where does your interest lay, are you seeking experiences as a medical student, physician assistant, nursing or any of the other associated allied health professions? Our facility houses the best that the military can provide as preceptors; they are highly skilled, motivated and eager to impart their knowledge and enthusiasm to welcomed learners. So, dare to enter this site and have your imagination stimulated, tempted and provoked by a clinical learning environment that has been created to engage your senses in the advanced arts of patient care and quality of care.


To maintain a readiness posture and promote a culture of safety by providing face-to-face, online, and virtual reality learning opportunities that will enhabce clinical/non-clinical  readiness; and empower personnel to perform at the highest scope of their practice.



Establish and foster a culture of learning in order to enhance clinical readiness throughout Fort Benning and the surronding communities.

Contact Information 
Phone: Nurse Educator

Simulation Center

Life Support Coordinator

GME Coordinator

Mon - Fri: 0800 - 1630

Closed all Federal and Martin Army Community Hospital Training Holidays


Bldg 9250