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Ft. Benning is home to the Army’s Basic Airborne Course. Several residents have attended Airborne training here at Fort Benning during residency. Airborne is a 3 week course consisting of ground week, tower week and jump week. During the final week 5 parachute jumps are performed with at least one night jump and a full combat load jump. Graduates are awarded the coveted “silver wings.”


Flight Surgeon Course

Some residents take advantage of the opportunity to get military training and have completed the Army’s Flight Surgeon Course. This course is located at Fort Rucker, AL.


Expert Field Medicine Badge

Airborne Logo 

The EFMB was designed as a special skill award for recognition of exceptional competence and outstanding performance by field medical personnel and approved by the Department of the Army on 18 June 1965. Over 96,000 personnel have competed for the Expert Field Medical Badge since 1986. The EFMB pass rate is generally around 15%. Today, the EFMB is the utmost challenge to the professional competence and physical endurance of the soldier medic. It is the most sought after peacetime award in the AMEDD, and while the Combat Medical Badge is the "portrait of courage" in wartime, the Expert Field Medical Badge is undoubtedly the "portrait of excellence" in the Army all of the time.


Tropical Medicine Course

Premier national course offered at NNMC in Bethesda. The course consists of 4 weeks didactic and laboratory training in which the attendees are broken into four teams and sent to four different overseas, medically-deprived locations. The schedule for each of these teams includes approximately one week of seeing hospitalized patients on various services and one week of field experience where the team will set up clinics in remote, regions. This course is centrally funded by the US Army and is yearly dependent on budgets. This previous year the course was not offered.


Medicine Abroad

Several Residents have participated in medical missions trips to help in areas of need. Most mission trips involved residents and staff. Residents have also sought other places of interest to go serve during elective rotations.


Surgical OB (C-section Training)

C-section training is available with our staff OB/GYN’s subject to their availability and approval. Residents can choose surgical OB electives for this training during 2nd and 3rd years of residency. 

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