Welcome, Future Army Physicians!

Are you interested in Family Medicine? If you are, please consider this letter an open invitation to rotate at the Martin Army Community Hospital (BMACH) Family Medicine Residency located at Fort Benning, Georgia!

The BMACH FM residency offers one of a kind training and opportunities that cannot be found in any other FM training program in the nation. The residency is a 8/9/9 program that routinely graduates some of the most well rounded and sought after FM Physicians within the Army (historical 99% FM Board pass rate.) Our goal is to completely prepare residents for whatever future situations they may experience as both as a Family Medicine Physician and a US Army Officer.

How is our program unique? How do we successfully prepare our residents for whatever the future may hold? The answer is easy. We are a truly unopposed residency positioned within the largest Community Hospital in the Army. Our location on Fort Benning allows us to offer the opportunity for our residents to attend a variety of military schools (Airborne, Air Assault, and occasionally even the Flight Surgeon course). This is something offered at no other residency in the nation. Any resident that is interested and physically fit, can attend Airborne or any other school available, which opens more doors to operational jobs upon residency graduation. Our graduates routinely go on to positions within the Special Operations community.

These opportunities are not the only thing that sets our residency apart. Our residents have priority for all procedures and are involved in the primary management of all hospitalized patients (ICU included). This combined with our robust full-time teaching staff of 9 physicians (including 8 who are fellowship trained), assures that your education will be strong both didactically and experientially. Our unopposed program also gives you the opportunity to focus your training in areas that interest you. Multiple residents have graduated with significant experience in primary c-sections, and have been credentialed to perform c-sections at their first duty station. Our Endoscopy tract has successfully allowed residents to be credentialed in colonoscopy upon graduation. We truly believe each of our residents is prepared for any job their future may hold.

The Columbus area also has much to offer. It is an excellent community with an affordable cost of living. Both the residency and the community are very family friendly. Outdoor recreation abounds with the Columbus Urban Whitewater Rafting and Kayaking Course, close proximity to Callaway Gardens, and a three to four hour drive to the beaches of Florida. There are abundant opportunities to experience the fine arts at the Springer Opera House, and lots of local shopping is available. The downtown has a strong live music scene, and Columbus is only 30 minutes from Auburn University’s campus (SEC Football, and other diverse cultural activities), and 80-90 minutes to Atlanta (professional sports and all that a major metropolitan area has to offer).

Come experience all that the BMACH FM Residency has to offer! 2, 4, 6, and 8 week rotations are available. If you are doing an unfunded rotation, with enough notice, our residents will generally host prospective students.


Martin Army Community Hospital Family Medicine Residency Highlights:

  • Unopposed 8/9/9 program (first FM residency in the Army)
    • No fighting for procedures your education is the focus on every rotation
    • Complete integration with hospital committee’s and leadership
  • Highly educated and motivated FM Staff Physicians
    • 8 staff members are Fellowship trained  OB[2], Gastroenterology (Endoscopy) [1], Sports [2], Teaching[2], Geriatrics [1]
    • 2 more adjunct FM faculty are also Fellowship trained  Teaching [1], Sports[1]
  • First Army FM Residency to implement the Patient Centered Medical Home
    • Staff and residents well versed in the Family Medical Home
  • New Hospital opened November 17, 2014
    • Be the first to experience the Army’s newest state of the art, cutting-edge hospital, with completely integrated and networked informatics plan
  • Structured Didactics
    • Morning Report/lecture series, After Clinic Conference, Monthly Seminar, Weekly Simulations
    • Professional Development, Clinic Management, Military specific curriculum
  • Robust Sports Medicine experience
    • 2 Fellowship trained FM SM physicians on staff, active involvement in the community
  • Osteopathic Medicine Curriculum
    • For DO’s, or interested MD’s monthly lectures and 2x weekly OMT clinics
  • Quality Education that prepares you for FM Board exams
    • 99% PASS rate
  • Research opportunities abound
    • Large active duty population is fertile ground for research
    • Long standing working relationship with USU for military research
  • Simulation center
    • Procedural and situational “code” training to prepare residents for any eventuality
  • Operative OB Elective
    • 3 FM staff with operative privileges
    • C-sections, vacuums, and forceps deliveries
  • Military training easily obtained
    • Opportunity to attend Airborne school, Air Assault course and Flight Surgeon course in residency –significantly improves chances for highly sought after operational jobs
    • Expert Field Medical Badge offered annually
  • Procedures, Procedures, Procedures
    • Vasectomies, Colposcopies, LP’s, Central line, Arterial lines, Intubation, GXT’s, etc.  residents involved in all.
  • Columbus, GA
    • Culturally well rounded city, with low cost of living, outdoor opportunities plentiful (new kayak course through downtown Columbus), hiking, hunting, fishing, cultural activities, arts, world renowned youth orchestra, family-friendly, 3 hours from the beach, 80-90 minutes to ATL
  • Residency is family friendly and inclusive
    • Residents and staff have monthly resident get-togethers, canoe trips, dinner outings, and an annual retreat to FL
    • Community service opportunities abound and are highly encouraged
Contact Information 
Phone: Residency Coordinador

Bldg 9250