If you need images or reports for your records or to take to a provider off-post, you may request them to be downloaded on a CD at the Radiology Front Desk. Likewise, please bring any important imaging exams to us on a CD and we will see they get uploaded into our system for viewing.



The Department of Radiology offers a full spectrum of diagnostic imaging services to the Fort Benning beneficiary population with state of the art imaging equipment and diverse team of radiology technologists, radiologists, and support staff. We offer services in the following modalities: diagnostic radiography (x-ray), fluoroscopy, computed tomography (CT), ultrasound, mammography, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and nuclear medicine. The main radiology department is located on the 1st Floor of the main hospital. The radiology department also has multiple satellite imaging locations at BMACH APCC, Family Medical Home, and Orthopedic clinic, as well as Winder TMC, CTMC, Harmony Church, and Dear Clinic at Anniston Army Depot.



X-Ray services are available 24/7 on a walk in basis. All other outpatient imaging services are scheduled on a first come first serve basis and appointment times vary depending on the service. Please be aware that some imaging requests may take 24-48 hours to be approved before they can be scheduled. You may use the telephone numbers listed to schedule an appointment at your convenience.


Imaging Services

Diagnostic Radiology (X-Ray)

X-Ray Services are available 24/7 within the radiology department with additional x-ray units in the BMACH APCC, Family Medical Home, and Orthopedics clinics for patient’s seen in those clinics during normal business hours. There are satellite x-rays services at Winder TMC, CTMC, Harmony Church, and Dear Clinic. Three portable x-ray machines are available to perform imaging in the ED, inpatient wards, and operating rooms as needed.



Fluoroscopy is a form of imaging that uses low energy x-rays to perform minor procedures and dynamic imaging studies. These studies are scheduled in advance. Typical exams performed include: Barium swallow studies,Barium enemas, diagnostic and therapeutic joint injections, Voiding cystourethrograms (VCUG), and hysterosalpingograms (HSG).


Computed Tomography (CT)

There is one 64-slice CT scanner on-site providing 24 hour support for the Emergency Department and inpatient services, and scheduled outpatient studies. CT uses x-rays to produce three-dimensional images of the body. Different types of contrast agents (dyes) can used to enhance certain structures depending on the area being imaged and improve diagnostic capabilities. We utilize low-dose imaging techniques on all exams to minimize radiation dose to patients.



The MRI service has two MRI systems and the only 3T MRI in the Columbus area. MRI systems use superconducting magnets to produce detailed images of inside the body. Outpatient MRI exams are by appointment only. We perform a full spectrum of neurological, musculoskeletal/ sports medicine, body, and breast imaging exams. These studies are time consuming with most exams lasting 30-45 minutes. Unique risks are encountered in this section due to the high strength magnetic fields and a thorough screening process must be performed prior to all exams, therefore it is important to arrive early so that your exam can start on time.


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Ultrasound uses high frequency sound energy to generate images of inside the body without the use of radiation. Ultrasound appointments are scheduled in advance. We offer a full array of abdominal imaging to include pelvic ultrasounds and obstetrical ultrasounds as well as extremity ultrasounds to evaluate for blood clots. Multiple types of exams are performed to include limited image-guided procedures on a case-by-case basis.


The Women’s Imaging service is located separately but within the Radiology Department, and is accredited by the FDA and American College of Radiology (ACR) to perform both screening and diagnostic mammography. We provide only full-field digital mammography which is scientifically proven to be effective in the early detection of breast cancer.

Screening mammograms are recommended annually for all women starting at age 40, and possibly earlier for women with certain risk factors, such as those with a strong family history of breast cancer, or certain genetic mutations (BRCA1 and 2). It is important to have a mammogram and clinical breast exam by your doctor every year in order to be most effective in the early detection of breast cancer.

Diagnostic mammograms are performed in some patients with symptoms or abnormal findings on screening mammograms to produce a more detailed view of a portion of the breast. Although it’s unusual, breast cancer also occurs in men, and any male with a breast complaint should be evaluated with a mammogram.

Ultrasound is also used in some patients to provide more detail of abnormalities detected on physical exam and on mammograms. Ultrasound is also the imaging modality of choice to evaluate women under the age of 30 with breast complaints.

Screening Breast MRI services are provided for certain patients with increased risk for breast cancer and, but should not be used as a substitute for having annual mammograms.

All breast biopsies are performed in this section by our radiologists using stereotactic, ultrasound, or MRI guidance as necessary.


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Nuclear Medicine

The nuclear medicine service utilizes radioactive pharmaceuticals to perform imaging of certain physiologic processes inside the body. We offer all forms of diagnostic imaging, except for PET-CT. Typical exams performed in this area include cardiac stress tests, bone scans, thyroid imaging, and bone density exams (DEXA). All exams are scheduled on an outpatient basis. 

Contact Information 
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Nuclear Medicine

Mon-Fri: 0800 - 1600
Appointment times for outpatient imaging often extend beyond normal business hours, and these will vary depending on the imaging service.

Closed all Federal and Martin Army Community Hospital Training Holidays


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