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The Army Wellness Center (AWC) programs help build and sustain good health. AWC Health Educators and services empower individuals to set their own health goals and achieve them. AWC programs and services address lifestyle change in areas that affect both short- and long-term health, engaging people in their “life space”—the places where they live, work, relax and rest.

Services Offered


Heath Assessment Review

  • The foundation of the AWC Core programs that include a series of assessments and questionnaires to determine the current level of an individual’s health and identify the changes that will be necessary to reduce risk factors for disease prevention, and ability to increase physical activity safely

Body Composition Analysis

  • Body fat percentage is a value that tells you how much of your body weight is made up of fat. Knowing and tracking your body composition rather than a number on a traditional scale is a better indicator of health. The AWC utilizes the BOD POD, known as the practical gold standard in body composition testing
  • The BOD POD uses air displacement to measure fat and fat free mass and can accommodate a wide range of populations. A full test requires only about 5 minutes, and provides highly accurate, safe, comfortable, and fast test results
  • Appointment Preparation: No food, exercise, drink, or nicotine for 2 hours prior to appointment; All clothing material MUST be spandex, lycra, or nylon (men: spandex, compression shorts, speedo / women: spandex bottoms (have to be above the knee), compression shorts with sports bra that does not have pads or metal, or bathing suit without pads or metal)
  • Complete the Health Assessment prior to your appointment at the following link:

Physical Fitness Testing

  • The Physical Fitness Assessment focuses on Health related physical fitness components (cardiorespiratory fitness, body composition, muscular fitness (strength and endurance), and flexibility) which have strong relationships with good health, characterized by an ability to perform daily activities with energy, and are associated with a lower prevalence of chronic disease and health conditions and their risk factors
  • Results are used to create individualized exercise prescription to help you achieve your goals
  • Appointment Preparation: No food, exercise, drink, or nicotine for 5 hours prior to appointment
  • Complete the Health Assessment prior to your appointment at the following link:

Healthy Nutrition

  • Metabolic Testing is conducted using metabolic equipment to measure resting metabolic rate to provide tailored strategies for weight loss, weight gain, or maintenance
  • Appointment Preparation: No food, exercise, drink, or nicotine for 5 hours prior to appointment
  • Complete the Health Assessment prior to your appointment at the following link:

Stress Management

  • Provide education and training on biofeedback, stress relief techniques, and positive coping skills
  • Deep breathing, guided imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, and mindfulness meditation are utilized
  • Appointment Preparation: No caffeine or nicotine for 30 minutes prior to Individual Stress Management Training appointment
  • Complete the Health Assessment prior to your appointment at the following link:

General Wellness Education

  • Increase positive health behaviors through education
  • A healthy lifestyle encompasses more than diet and exercise – it also includes tobacco habits, alcohol consumption, safety, and sleep habits, all of which are examined through the Health Assessment Review
  • Education topics include healthy lifestyles, increased resiliency (AWCs support the physical and emotional components), and preventing chronic diseases through healthy living habits and self-care

Tobacco Education

  • Prevent the initiation of tobacco use / screen for tobacco use
  • Assess an individual's readiness to change with a discussion of possible options for becoming tobacco-free
  • Those who are ready to quit will be referred to Public Health Nursing


Classes offered at the AWC

  • Upping your Metabolism: Learn how to increase your metabolism using the metabolic test results
  • Healthy Meals in Minutes: Examine tools and strategies to make healthy meals quick
  • Individual Stress Management Education: Define stress and explore the impact of stress on health and wellness
  • Healthy Sleep Habits: Explore methods and resources for achieving better quality of sleep
  • Fueling for Health: Learn the fundamental components of nutrition
  • Staying for Home and Away: Develop an action plan for a home workout while incorporating all aspects of fitness
  • Retire Strong: Learn benefits of remaining active and healthy for retirees

Tactical Athlete Performance Assessment

The TAP-A goal is to optimize performance specifically in the physical realm, through scientifically based assessments crossing all fitness components. This assessment, conducted by a certified professional, will achieve individual Soldier readiness by preventing injury and increasing fitness for the Tactical Athletes of MCoE. Soldiers are assessed and given an 8-week strength training prescription. Currently only Active Duty Personnel can make an appointment.


Tactical Athlete Performance Assessment Appointment Process:

  1. VO2 sub max test and static strength tests (60 minutes)
    • 5 hour fast prior to the appointment- no food, beverages, caffeine, tobacco, supplements, herbs, or gum. Limit water intake to 4 ounces or less during the final 2 hours of the fast. TAKE ANY MEDICATION AS PRESCRIBED.
    • No exercise (including PT) 14 hours prior to appointment.
    • Wear walking/running attire and shoes. Women: sports bra.
  2. Performance Tests: Functional Movement Screen, Back Squat, Deadlift, Pull-Up (60 minutes), TAP-A Exercise Prescriptions (15-30 Minutes)
    • Please have a meal prior to the appointment.
    • No intense exercise or heavy lifting (including PT) 14 hours prior to the appointment.
    • Flat soled shoe or weightlifting shoe (no running shoes, if possible).

All testing is completed at the Army Wellness Center.

Learn more by contacting the AWC at 706-544-9142.

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All appointments include examination of current health habits, analysis of risk factors, exploration of personal health/wellness goals, and an assessment of obstacles that may get in the way of consistent health habits.

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