Department of Preventive Medicine

The Chief, Preventive Medicine is a board certified Preventive Medicine Physician. The chief directs a department with ten sections staffed by over 71 employees comprising both military and civilian. The DPM serves the same functions on an Army post as a county health department would serve in the civilian sector with the addition of occupational health services and deployment/field preventive medicine.

Occupational Health (OH)

  • Fit Testing
  • Worker’s Compensation
  • Employment and DOT Physicals
  • Return To Duty Evaluations & Work Restrictions
  • Worker’s Compensation Evaluations and Work-Site Safety Inspections

Industrial Hygiene (IH)

  • Indoor Air Quality Sampling and Ventilation Testing
  • Work-Site Evaluations (Engineered &Administrative Controls)
  • Mold and Asbestos Assessment and Abatement
  • Lead Exposure Surveys and Consultation
  • Employee Exposure Monitoring (Noise, Radiation, Chemicals, etc.)

Public Health Nursing (PHN)

  • Communicable Disease Surveillance and Treatment (Tuberculosis, Sexual Health/Responsibility Clinic, HIV, Hepatitis, Meningitis, etc.)
  • Environmental Injury Prevention and Education (Heat and Cold Injuries)
  • Rabies Prevention and Education
  • Travel Medicine Clinic
  • Military on the Move (MOM) Program; Active Duty Pregnancy and Postpartum Physical Training

Environmental Health (EH)

  • Water Surveillance
  • Online Food Handlers Course
  • Sanitation Inspections of Community Facilities (Gyms, Pools, Daycares, Beauty & Barber Shops, etc.)
  • Insect Surveillance and Management
  • Field Sanitation Training

Health Physics

  • Radiation Exposure Assessment
  • Radiation Exposure Monitoring

Army Hearing Program

  • Annual Hearing Screenings
  • Hearing Protection Fittings (Earplugs) and Hearing Aids
  • Tactical Communications Systems
  • Hearing Conservation Officer Training
  • Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC) Certification Course





Contact Information
Phone: Occupational Health (OH)

Industrial Hygiene (IH)

Public Health Nursing(PHN)

Environmental Health (EH)

Heat Stress Information

Health Physics
Hours: Occupational Health (OH)
Mon-Fri: 0800 - 1630

Industrial Hygiene (IH)
M-F: 0800 - 1630

Public Health Nursin (PHN)
Mon-Fri: 0730 - 1600

Environmental Health (EH)
M-F: 0800 - 1630

Health Physics
M-F: 0800 - 1630
Closed all Federal and Martin Army Community Hospital Training Holidays
Location: OH, PHN Bldg 9250
Ground Floor, Upatoi Clinic

Bldg 3415 (Sand Hill)

Health Physics
Bldg 9250
2nd Floor, Upatoi Clinic